She gifts Lapis an apology card, a mini-lake, and her tape recorder (all of which were rejected by Lapis).Please help Shipping Wiki by re-formatting.Lapidot being the more popular ship according to multiple shipping surveys on various apps and fandoms.They also share inside jokes at the dinner table and laugh together.Many have taken this as Lapis being upset upon returning to the barn after what happened on the boat and Peridot logging off Twitter to comfort her.Lapis accidentally sits on Peridot, they create a play together, and Peridot and Lapis hug each other on stage and Lapis calls Peridot ?her favorite friend. Milton Finch. At the end of the episode, however, Lapis accepts Peridot as a barn-mate and learns to care for her. ?clod.It became fact that the relationship wasn?t so much of a friendship, but more of a companionship, with Peridot carrying all the emotional weight to the point where she became afraid to talk to Lapis about her own feelings.Peridot is the small excited one while Lapis is the big stoic one that often gets annoyed but the smaller one (but doesn?t dislike the smaller one either).Lapis later protects Peridot and Steven and asks Peridot if she is alright, Peridot smiles brightly and Lapis turns away, frustrated and blushes while frowning.After Lapis says she?s staying, Peridot smiles at Lapis in relief.There is a lot of content on the page, but the formatting is all wrong.Peridot most likely had found this out from seeing Lapis.When Lapis heard about Steven?s trip to Homeworld, she became afraid to get caught up in another war.

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Smiling and nodding along seemed to be providing enough of a basis for Peridot to work off of anyways.But uh,” she continued, waving a hand loosely in front of her face, “Yelena is my mom so I always have to come to these things,”.Lapis hated every second of it, felt herself trying not to pinken or puke under the knowing gaze of Peridot’s mom, Lapis’s boss, but she left as quickly as she had arrived.She hated the job more than she could express but at the end of the day it was all she had.And yet here she was now, hardly fifteen minutes later, standing and smiling by.Please stay safe and healthy while still enjoying yourself. Gabe saporta and pete wentz. But I appreciate it anyway; I’m sure my students would hardly agree.She turned on her heels so sharply Lapis nearly bumped into her, although she did not seem to notice; instead moving to do no more than smile pleasantly up at Lapis.Although the way her chest still fluttered was something that was hard to ignore.Lapis quickly remembered her excuse of why she herself could not assist; pet sitting which started promptly at eight.Clearly she didn’t work here, not like the rest of them, so why should she have known.Her heart thudding in her chest, “You mean like-“.Peridot would go pink and she would fumble for a second before she herself was flirting. Reminded herself that she was obnoxious and loud and small and blonde.Lapis gave up on trying to follow about eight tangents in.She had smiled at Lapis as she left there, a polite thank you on her lips as Lapis exited.She ducked behind the woman to her left, ignoring the flustered way she stuttered in response.She was not normally the type to be so off put by some basic flirting, especially if she was initiating it, and it was a touch embarrassing to be so shaken by the reciprocation.Luckily Yelena did not mention it as she approached.And now it turns out she’s her boss's daughter and now all the terrible things she had done, the curses she had spoken and cruel looks she had given, were far more incriminating than they would have already been otherwise.The string lights which had been hung in the tucked away corner she had picked washed her in a pale shade of green, nauseating in hue and drawing far too much attention to the glitter which painted her eyelids, a near matching shade.It wasn’t even that Peridot’s mom, Lapis’s boss, briefly interrupted to tentatively say hi to the collective two of them (although Lapis did thoroughly despise that moment).Most everyone had left, probably hours ago, although Lapis was only noticing that now that Peridot’s mom was approaching them, an awkward smile on her face. Sara ryder trailer.

Profile Pic: vishnya-azraq Banner Pic: soulofpricefield.Good Little Girl Do you have a twitter or instagram. Don?t quite think Peridot is a fan of romantic candlelit dates.Dragon Majesty..Lapidot Confessions Send me your confessions about the one and only, Lapidot ship. Zagr invader zim. Derniere mise a jour Il y a 6 ?jours 896. (or maybe she really is and she just doesn?t wanna admit it.Follow me on Instagram I post almost everyday.Character Art We Bare Bears Human Steven Universe Gem Character Design Sketch Book Cartoon Art Fan Art Lapis Lazuli Anime blushmallet on Twitter ?Merry Christmas

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” thinking aloud when she is alone has become a habitual, though not frequent, thing.Hands hurt, and the bright red wounds on the knuckles were even more noticeable than at night, when they just appeared on the limbs, after a rather quick fight, from which Lapis emerged victorious.This is a big city and prices are exorbitant, as are high multi-storey buildings.The student turns to the table, and opening the first drawer sees the necessary medicine.My head immediately started spinning, a strong throbbing pain hinted that she would not go away without the pills.Calm came when the cigarette smoldered in my hands, and the smoke filled the whole room. Xenoblade Chronicles. A bottle of water was on the same table and immediately remains without a lid.Probably yesterday Lazurit too believed in herself and poured a lot of cheap alcohol into her body at a party in honor of the newcomers to their university.As soon as the flame ignites the nicotine stick, it disappears as quickly as it appeared before.This girl did not attend classes either yesterday or the day before yesterday and does not intend to today.Lapis lazuli removes the blue bangs from her eyes to better see the time on the phone.On the table, next to the bed, lies a half-empty pack of cigarettes. “Okay, I'll go tomorrow.I’ll show myself at least in the first couples.And even if she had neighbors, this, in principle, would not stop her either.The phone lying nearby is not even going to emit any sounds that will only cause hatred, both to the device and to everything that will appear in the field of view throughout the subsequent time, until the next attempt to sleep.New acquaintances, enemies and a girl who, for reasons unknown to Peridot, does not treat her very well at the first meeting.Soon, they will realize how wrong they were, wrestling with several jobs to at least pay for housing, let alone eat.Therefore, continuing to sit on his bed and holding a cigarette between cracked lips, the lighter clicks and the bright light of the fire blinds the student for a second.It takes a few seconds to take a pill and go outside.Such a rise is far from the best decision in her life.Lapis was happy that she had a roof over her head, it's better than staggering twenty-four to seven, earning and trying to make ends meet.Lapis, as always, would go out onto the balcony of the room and smoke in the fresh air, but now, she is not in a state to even get on her feet. Ruby x Weiss x Blake x Yang. Scattering things was a common action, no one wants to move in to her, so there is no one to object to these antics.

but also has strong feelings for her.If that's the case, consider this a chance to make it a reality.Peridot and Lapis couldn't remember what they did the night before but as they find out (Though Lapis remembers first) is it what Peridot wanted..Peridot really wants to be friends with Lapis

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Peridot, I mean, even if we met a week ago.The hand running through her hair was now planted on her face, while the other hand had loosened its grip on her arm.Strangely enough, this was one of the weird things Steven had learned that always helped whenever Lapis was consumed by her thoughts. Lapis gave him a last breathy chuckle as she reached for the office’s door.Making her shift within her seat, as she began to stare elsewhere other than her therapist.Where her eye-bagged eyes were now accompanied by a small warm grin. Kidnap fanfic. Looking at whatever was on the shelves.” Her smile widened.As her breathing was slightly becoming more rapid and ragged.” He added.It had been a year since Lapis had started therapy with Steven, and it had taken a fairly long time for her to finally open up to him.” Her voice was soft, and almost soothingly quiet.Yet he knew this was a very, very good step that Lapis had taken in his opinion.I'm not sure yet, I hope it turns into the latter though.They both quieted down soon, leaving the room in silence once again..Where her eyes stopped once they saw her hands that were painted with different colored paints stuck to her skin.Slowly calming down, she drew a much needed breath. “I- I met her after our last session last week.Also, I'm not sure If I did justice to actually writing realistic therapy, so fingers-crossed if I did. “A-anyways. “Oh, and Lapis.Since it seemed that she was actually happy for once. Harry Potter Jedi Dawn Ch 1. ” She mumbled.Tears had formed at the corner of her eyes, it was one those laughs that was mixed with insanity.But just know that both you and her were the victims of that relationship. “To be honest, I really didn’t know what I’d be buying when I entered that store.” Instantly, both of her hands stopped what they were doing.Her hands gently placed onto her lap, with her eyes staring at them once again.Another moment of silence plagued the room, although it was quite comforting for both of them after the short outburst.It was so bright, along with these green eyes that were perfectly framed and matched with her glasses.Startling them both for a second, it signaled that Lapis’ timed session of therapy was over.She paused for a second, before suddenly laughing with a few snorts added.But the relaxed expression that was displayed in her features.I even asked her to fix my computer once.Both slightly frowning more because of it. “I- I don’t deserve to fee-” She was soon cut off by Steven, as a loud: “PPBBBFFFFFFFFTT. “Gemstone names had really gotten popular, huh?

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Disclaimer: I do not condone the actions in this fanfiction.Your comment will not appear until it has been approved by the creator. You’ve been warned.In desperation for extra forces, Yellow Diamond pulls Peridot back with a special assignment for her and the high-quality Lapis she has been tasked with.If you are sensitive, please back out now.For those brave enough, there are happier chapters ahead. Feuilly. Gems are continuing to lose value and worth in their jobs as resources disappear on Homeworld..Those are nice. Main theme: Fire on Fire by Sam Smith.Aside from the happy fluff and gayness that comes later.This is a work of fiction aimed at those that like darker themes to get out of my comfort zone and does not reflect my views or values. Now enjoy the show

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I had so much fun tackling characters that I ordinarily don't get the chance to write about, and what's more, got multiple opportunities to improve my own writing as I tried to figure out how to constrain something meaningful into 100 words.She tugs on a piece of green hair.I'm so excited to see what you guys come up with.. — Prompt: how about something with lars and sadie.”. Harry potter rock band fanfiction. “Just new

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Not that it was that much easier to follow along when she wasn’t multitasking.And though she could hardly wait, she supposed she could at least try to indulge her roomie’s hobbies a bit in the meantime.She gets like this whenever she overeats.Okay, that last one didn’t so much annoy Lapis as it did confuse her. Lapis didn’t know that Amethyst could purr.” Lapis shrugged in an attempt to appear nonchalant. Killua x gon. Not only were the food comas doing their job of slowing her down, but the added weight meant that Peridot did anything physical at a snail’s pace.You know, as friends.All in all, it was a foolproof plan.Though figuring out how exactly that would be possible with physiques like theirs would be a bit of a challenge.Peridot practically had stars in her eyes at having confirmed that she wasn’t making her eating buddy uncomfortable. “But this is blatantly incorrect ever since the introduction of Salazzle, as they also fall into this same category.Placing the boxes on the floor and taking a seat on their cushy loveseat, she gestured for Peridot to join her.Besides, they had just run out of food, and that meant that Peridot would be filling the silence until more arrived.” Peridot beamed, her smile emphasizing her cherubic cheeks.As a result, Peridot’s belly was soon reaching halfway to her knees, and showed no signs of slowing..The sensation of blue rolls of fat snugly pressing against green ones was cozy to say the least.Lapis had to admit that the chubby nerd was endearing, especially now that she had gone from hyperactive to hypoactive.

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After questioning her life choices, and whether the several literal stones and shells in her luggage were worth their sentimental value, Lapis reached the top of the fifth set of stairs, and no, she was not winded at all and she was definitely not trying to hide her heavy breathing.Nobody in their right minds would come out of their air-conditioned homes right now so Lapis found it easy to book an Uber.Comments: 28 Kudos: 37 Bookmarks: 5 Hits: 340.Its owner slapping her hand on the car’s roof, “This bad boy can fit so many fucking nerds in it..Lapis was glad she had the forethought to put all of her electronics, including her laptop in her gym bag currently attached to her body. A twilight fanfic. After missing another beat, Lapis finally let go of the hand.The blonde was back, as well as the warming of Lapis’ cheeks.Lapis entered the unit through the kitchenette.Her excitement and anticipation to personalize her new space keeping the tiredness at bay.It’s a stretch to call it a one-bedroom unit, floor space-wise but Lapis has an apartment now.Disappointed, Lapis moved to grab at her luggage when she heard steps going up the stairs.And fuck it, she is also about to start a brand new gay life with or without her tyrant mom.Then, she beamed, “I have an apartment now!”.The bedroom itself is small but surprisingly not cramped.Lapis would appreciate the facade of the newly renovated apartment complex but getting under the shades of the entrance of the building is the top priority at the moment.

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Not a single one was anything less than flawless and perfect, especially in the eyes of those who served them.Out of the four exalted Radiances, there was only one that went out of her way to appreciate and spend time with those under her.White, Yellow, and Blue each exuded power and commanded respect.They each were deserving of praise and admiration, yet in the eyes of one gem there was one Diamond that stood out from the rest.

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That is, until strange marks start to appear on Lapis' arm more and more regularly as the year goes on.The walk from the bus stop to her school was a short and simple one.Surely this blonde was just another insignificant person in her equally insignificant life.The blonde was holding a sharpened pencil in one hand, tapping the end on her desk as she stared down at the empty book with eyes that lacked confidence.Something about her intrigued her and they made slight eye contact as she moved her chair backwards to slit down.Lapis has a strange feeling that all this is linked to the quiet blonde girl who sits in the back of her art class. Jungkook pink hair. The eyes never seemed to leave her, even as the teacher walked in, late, and sat down at her desk to log into the computer and take the register.Her trusty old backpack sat by the door, filled with all the necessary books and equipment she would need for this years classes along with her old sketchbooks filled to the brim with small sketches she usually liked to do during lunch or particularly boring lessons.Standing up, she shuffled to the back of the waiting queue and rummaged around in her jacket pockets for her bus pass.Oh she had definitely been forced to be here.More footsteps sounded and eventually a warm hand rest upon Lapis' shoulder.The ink didn't come off, no matter how much she scrubbed it, and a looming thought in the back of her mind started to resurface.Her stormy eyes glared up at her mother, and the woman stared back with an equal amount of ferocity in her eyes.

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